You can now upload your own videos on our website using your own title. You can do this on the computer or from your smartphones. Your uploaded videos will show on your user profile only. You can share your videos on your social media platforms for all your friends to see. We will approve videos on our main page for free if they are worthy enough to post. The type of videos we will approve for free on our homepage are: Good Fights, Funny, Shocking, Current News, Twerking - Basically anything that you have seen posted on Flyheight since the website started. Please try to keep all videos current - videos that aren't old or have been posted before.

For everyone else who want to promote their own videos that won't get posted for free - like rap videos, freestyles or videos related to your business there is a small fee to get them posted on our main page. Once you upload your video using your own title, visit your user profile page and click the green promote button which is located directly below the video title. Clicking that will direct you to paypal where you can pay using your bank account, credit card or paypal funds. Payments are handled via paypal... not us! The current price to promote your video on front page is $100. Once you pay the fee, your video will automatically post on main page of for the world to see.

To advertise or for other inquiries regarding, please send us a message below.