No New Judge: Supreme Court Denies Meek Mill's Bid To Have Judge Removed Once Again

Jun 13, 2018

This new Meek Mill has lost a bid to replace the judge who's presided
over his case for more than a decade the rapper appeared with his
lawyers hopeful this morning would set his case on a new track with a
different judge Arnaud Holden was in court and he is live now with the
latest Joe we're hellcat afternoon there is a lot of history between
Meek Mill and this judge you could say there is controversy and
trepidation and in the end his lawyers want a divorce from judge Ginny
sprinkly Meek Mill leaves Philadelphia's criminal justice center his
case still tied to judge Ginny sprinkly the rapper's lawyer argued the
matter should be moved from Brinkley's court and a flurry of previous
motions they've claimed the judge repeatedly overstepped her bounds and
his long waged a personal vendetta against the entertainer two more
occupations a judge as far as I know and she's called in questioned her
ability to sit in this case or any case quite frankly attorneys were
requesting that the supervising judge of the Philadelphia Court
reassigned the case the District Attorney's Office had no objection both
sides agree that Meek Mill should receive a new trial and that a 2008
conviction on drug and firearms charges be tossed out in denying the
move judge Leon Tucker responded he couldn't pull rank over any other
judge saying he didn't have the authority.

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